I paint larger than life, transparent watercolors. I begin with a carefully drawn image, which is almost completely erased when the paint is applied. The paint is applied in multiple thin layers in order to achieve dense colors and very strong values.

I paint on Arches paper, either 140 or 300 lb. I use Windsor-Newton paints because of their ability to stand up to the Florida tropical sun.

I have been an artist all of my life. As a teenager, I spent many hours studying the paintings that hung in the many galleries and art museums in New York City.

After graduating high school, I attended Funeral Directing College, and became a licensed undertaker, and worked for several years at this profession.

During the Vietnam War, I became a New York City police officer. My subjects then dealt with the hopelessness of ghetto life. After twelve years on the force, I returned to my first love, painting.

I moved with my family to Florida in 1987, and saw life through different eyes. There was so much beauty around me. Today, I grow, paint, and then eat the fruits of my labor.